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elit™ Vodka

Official Premium Vodka Partner to The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2019

With a platinum score of 97 points from the Beverage Testing Institute, elit™ Vodka is consistently commended as one of the world’s highest-rated white spirits.

Every stage in the creation of elit™ is a fusion of passion and precision. The process begins at our single estate in Russia’s Tambov region, a land chosen specifically for its fertile black soil. Each delivery to the distillery is carefully inspected before the hand-selected grains are fermented and distilled three times to a level of unparalleled purity. The spirit then travels to Latvijas Balzams facility in Riga, Latvia, where it is blended with artesian well water. It’s filtered twice through super-fine quartz sand and Russian birch wood charcoal and brought down to -18 degrees Celsius through elit’s signature freeze-filtration process. The super-chilled spirit is then passed at ultra-slow velocity through ion-charged filters and is allowed to rest.

Once bottled by hand, the distinctive bottle holds a visible luminosity as remarkable as the liquid inside. The result is a spirit without equal and drinking pleasure at its most precise.

elit™ Vodka Best Female Chef awards programme – incorporating The World’s Best Female Chef, Asia’s Best Female Chef and Latin America’s Best Female Chef – celebrates and rewards successful women who have risen to the top of the gastronomic world. These significant awards shine a light on a rarefied family of extraordinary chefs, with the aim of inspiring future generations of young women to reach for the heights of their chosen profession.

Meet the elit™ Vodka World's Best Female Chef 2018, Clare Smyth.

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